Authentic Shungite

Your one-stop shop for certified, authentic Shungite. I Import directly from Karelia, Russian deposits with 3rd party quality assurance, and ship to you locally from the US. Try some today!


The Shungite mineral is a 2 billion-year-old diamagnetic crystalline form of Carbon from Karelia, Russia.  It's known to protect the body from EMF radiation, helps to ground you, and is also used as a water purifier for its antimicrobial and antiviral properties. 


One of its secrets lies in its molecular structure called Fullerenes or ’buck balls’ which consist of 60 carbon molecules that form a hexagram pattern like that of a soccer ball (The most solid molecular form known).

Not only does it have an extremely stable molecular structure but the magic of this stone also comes from the fact that it has the fastest atomic spin ever discovered (20 billion revolutions per second!)

Due to this reason, when Shungite comes into contact with elements that have a positive ionic charge (giving them a counterclockwise spin) i.e. toxins, pathogens, viruses, electro-smog, effectively influences the magnetic rotation and reverses the direction of spin causing them to lose their molecular cohesion, resulting in the toxins, pathogens, electrosmog, etc...becoming completely neutralized.


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