Elite Shungite Water Kits
Elite Shungite Water Kits
Elite Shungite Water Kits
Elite Shungite Water Kits

Elite Shungite Water Kits

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2.5 oz

(.5-1 g pc) 

98% Fullerenes


New Elite Shungite Water Purification Kits!

70 grams purifies 1 liter of water. 

Shungite has the ability to clean water from almost of all organic compounds (including pesticides), metals, bacteria and harmful microorganisms.

Commercial use of Shungite filters started back in 1990’s, during that time there were conducted many experiments and studies on Shungite influence on the human body.

The water has strong antibacterial ability. During the experiments, water was contaminated with streptococcus of groups A and D. Experiment showed that only after half an hour in Shungite water the concentration of streptococcus group D decreased by the factor of 100 and group A by the factor of 900! Shungite cleans water of various chlorine compounds, nitrates, copper, magnesium, iron, cleans up visually dirty water, eliminates sour taste. Shungite removes heavy metals, chlorine, enriches drinking water in potassium.

How to use Shungite kit

First rinse shungite chunks off until water runs clear.

Then put the Shungite stones on the bottom of a water container (70 grams per liter of water). After 15-20 mints the water will become structured. After 24-48 hours the water will be biologically active. It ‘s ready for external and internal use. You should put shungite stones in the sunlight every month and replace the stones every 6 months. ( shungite is known to make water slightly acidic which if drinking daily one can squeeze in fresh lemon to balance the ph) 

Not only does water infused with Shungite becomes ultra clean, it also becomes a colloidal solution of hydrated fullerenes. One of the examples is the antihistaminic effect of Shungite water. After the use of Shungite water there is a dramatic decrease of histamine in blood stream which corresponds with alleviation of an allergic response.

It is recommended to drink at least 2-3 glasses of Shungite water a day to heal or prevent digestive, muscular or nervous system illness and to increase circulation of blood.

Daily use of Shungite water to wash face or body improves elasticity of skin, gives it a healthy look. Also it helps the drinker to get rid of acne, skin redness and other skin problems. SHungite helps with hair loss. It strengthens hair roots and heals the scalp.