About US

We started our humble beginnings on Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg BK as the first Orgonite vendors in NYC. My other half Christina and I began making Orgonite after I decided that life was too short to be stuck doing something that I didn’t love and that wasn’t bringing actual value to the world.

As a Kundalini Yoga instructor I have always been fascinated with the biomagnetic field (Aura) and developing my consciousness through practice and observation. It never sat right with me seeing all of the negative polarity on the planet so I decided I wanted to help counter balance that polarity by bringing my gifts of gnosis and passion to the world through functional art.

After stumbling across Don and Carol Crofts work with orgonite, I dove into two years of research starting with the life works of Wilhelm Reich, the principals behind electro magnetism, as well as other great minds from Orgonite Austin, to Dr. James DeMeo until I finally took the leap and started my own creations.

Everything that you see on my site is hand made by me with tons of research, love, and care put into each piece. Rest assure this is way beyond the Alibaba factory made “orgonite” plastic ornaments that you find on Amazon. At Nu Atlantis rest assure you will find some of the most powerful and effective Orgonite on the market. Peace be upon to you and yours. Aho