The Golden Light Tensor Field (G.L.T.F.) Orgone Pyramid
The Golden Light Tensor Field (G.L.T.F.) Orgone Pyramid

The Golden Light Tensor Field (G.L.T.F.) Orgone Pyramid

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The Golden Light Tensor Orgone pyramid is perfect for the purist. Resting at the capstone is a Lemurian Seed Quartz with a closed circuit magnetic coil spiraled around it. Both ends of the wire are fused creating a tensor field of energy around the pyramid. 

The rest of the entire piece is loaded with conductive and paramagnetic minerals embedded in a dielectric resin medium. 

These will help to boost the natural ELF waves of the earth which are much more harmonious with the human body, plants, and animals. 

In addition, the pyramid radiates Far Infrared waves via the Tourmaline crystals within it which help to stabilize mood and increase concentration.

Like the rest of all our Orgone pieces we utilize Silver Infused Nano Shungite powder which is 10x the strength of just Shungite alone in terms of effectiveness against EM Radiation and 5G.

In the center of the pyramid where the energy is concentrated, lies four Quartz points and four Neodymium magnets pointing in the four directions.

The Magnets increase the power of the pyramid and help to bring in extra electrons which contribute to the high concentration of negative ions loaded with health benefits. Like all pyramids, it’s best to align the pyramid with Magnetic north. 


✅PARAMAGNETIC (Schumann Resonance blend)

✅Tensor Coil

✅Lemurian Quartz

✅Diamagnetic Black Iron OXIDE

✅Superconducting Nano Silver INFUSED SHUNGITE 🌑🌑🌑


✅Dielectric ECO RESIN

✅(4) Neodymium Magnets *Included



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