portable Succor Punch featuring fire & ice crackle quartz generator
Scalar Wave Succor Punch feat. Fire & ICE Quartz
Scalar Wave Succor Punch feat. Fire & ICE Quartz

Scalar Wave Succor Punch feat. Fire & ICE Quartz

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  • Clear skies of GeoEnginerring 
  • Speed up Health & Recovery
  • Kills parasites, bacteria, viruses, molds and fungi electrically.
  • Aids in Meditation 

A succor punch is a quartz crystal (preferably lemurian) with an intact distinct point on it, that’s wrapped in a Mobius coil.

The terminals of the coil are connected via small alligator clips to a frequency generating box, powered by a nine volt battery or wall adapter.

A square wave frequency of 15 Hz is pumped through the wire which is wrapped in a figure 8 pattern around the Crystal.

For this we utilize what’s called a zapper built with military grade circuitry based on DR. Hulda Clark’s original specifications. 

This creates what’s called a Tachyon field, which is self organizing, non destructive implosive charge that stimulates negentropy and harmonic resonance within our bodies Bio-Magnetic Field aka Aura. 

Many benefits of this Extremely Low Frequency or ELF on human beings can be found here : https://www.ijser.org/researchpaper/Biological-Effects-of-ELF-on-human-body-cells.pdf

With the Succor Punch you can utilize it for almost any energy correction that you can think of, from “clearing sky’s” removing both energetic and physical parasites, to utilizing them for clearing blockages and helping to release trauma within your energy field. 


“ Fire and Ice crystals are the most recent “generation” of the Lemurian Seed crystals: carrying the cosmic fire of transformation that is accelerating the awakening our Spiritual purpose as well as enormous backlogs of Lemurian data and history.  

They  re-energize the Earth’s Light grid and enrich our planet by providing a power source for Life transformation.  

This stone carries **bioscalar energy ** waves for multi-dimensional intracellular healing on all levels. 

The scalar waves embedded in these healing crystals illuminate and magnify the abrasions found in the human genome…the hereditary information of the human body. “

It is especially beneficial during these times of heightened solar activity where these downloads are coming fully and intensely into our world.

 Read more about fire & Ice Quartz here : https://deerhearteshamanic.wordpress.com/fire-ice-quartz-crystals-the-great-transformers/

More information on zappers and frequencies as well as techniques to use the zapper can be found here :