Grounding Orgone PYRAMID

Grounding Orgone PYRAMID

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Simple yet POWERFUL. All of the technology without the frills. This is our most elegant design for the minimalist at heart;) Fully LOADED with EMF blocking properties of conductive and ferromagnetic mineral+atomized metal powdered blend all encased in a non-toxic EARTH friendly Resin. This baby gets the job done and at an incredible price to boot! 

✅Silver Infused Shungite

✅Copper Infused Shungite

✅Magnesium Infused Shungite

✅Piezoelectric Minerals

🌀Scalar Charged


⚡️SUPERB Conductivity

✅Quartz Powder

✅Black Tourmaline Powder

✅Four Quartz Points aimed at the Four Directions

✅4 Neodymium Rare Earth Magnets

✅ECO Friendly RESIN

✅Sonically CURED with the frequency of the SUN

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