orgonite tower busters with quartz iron powder selenite and shungite for gifting
Orgone Tower Busters “TB’s” 4-pack
Orgone Tower Busters “TB’s” 4-pack

Orgone Tower Busters “TB’s” 4-pack

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⭕️ANTI- Radiation ⭕️Negative ION Rich ⭕️Paramagnetic ⭕️ORMUS


These are a great starter pack if your brand new to Orgonite or are looking for something to get the job done without all the frills.

✅You can put them in the four corners of your room or home for full EMF mitigation coverage.

✅They are also great to put around your garden to enhance the Ormus and growth of your plants.

✅Excellent for tactical uses such as “gifting” at your local c Tower

Here’s what they’re made from :

🧿Non Toxic Dielectric Resin
🌑Nano Silver Infused Shungite
🥏Paramagnetic Earth resonance blend
🌑Black Tourmaline (far infrared) + (negative Ions)
🌑Black Iron Oxide (diamagnetic)
🌿4 lemurian seed quartz