Orgone Earth Pipes

Orgone Earth Pipes

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Earth Pipes
are made with a 13” copper pipe that is filled with the classic 50/50 mixture of resin and atomized metal powders that are blended with piezoelectric minerals like quartz, black tourmaline, pyrite as well as conductive minerals such as magnetite and Noble Elite Shungite. A quartz point wrapped in a copper coil is then added pointing at the opening of the pipe.

The Orgone Earth Pipe is one of the most valuable and versatile gifts that we can offer to our planet to help rebalance and revitalize the flow of it’s natural life force energy, Gaia’s original blueprint. 

How do you use them?
They act just like acupuncture needles for the Earth. Simply hammer 4” to 6” into the ground with the opening side face down and let the magic happen;)

These are ideal for neutralising geopathic stress and Ley lines, improving gardens and plant yields, as well as for gifting and neutralising all manner of let’s just say nefarious agenda having energies whether underground or otherwise you dig?

How do they work?

Earth Pipes work by releasing a constant flow of electrons into the environment. The electrons attach themselves to ions with a positive charge which are harmful to human health. As these  ions gain those new electrons, it’s charge turns from positive to negative, which studies have shown are extremely beneficial to human, plant, and animal health.