Orgone Charging Plates

These Orgone charging plates are as versatile as they are beautiful. Each one is unique and made by hand in the heart of Brooklyn. These are a go-to choice for structuring and charging water, food, crystals and can also double as a stand alone EMF/EMR anti-radiation device. 

What is “charging” ?  
* Charging is when you simply bring an object, substance, or element back to its original harmonic state.


How does it work?

Our Orgone Charging disc utilize Orgone technology with a 50/50 mix of (organic) resin and (inorganic) atomized  iron powder. The resin acts as an insulator and the metal a conductor. When alternating layers of the two you are able to both attract and repel Orgone energy within the vicinity. This process stimulates, excites and increase the vitality of otherwise stagnant, dead energy witching a space. The stimulating effects create a  negative charge in the air which is extremely beneficial to our biological health on a mental/physical/spiritual level.


How to use ?

* Use as a coaster : Place any beverage on for as little as 3minutes and you will notice a difference in quality and taste.

* Use for EMF protection : place next to a desktop/laptop or by your modem to mitigate harmful effects from EMF/EMR 4G/5G radiation. 

* Use for charging/clearing crystals : Each Charging coaster is made with selenite which is a natural crystal cleanser. Place any crystal on for minimum 3 mins and it will be fully charged and cleared.