Seed Of Life Orgone Giza Pyramid
Seed Of Life Orgone Giza Pyramid
Seed Of Life Orgone Giza Pyramid
Seed Of Life Orgone Giza Pyramid
Seed Of Life Orgone Giza Pyramid
Seed Of Life Orgone Giza Pyramid

Seed Of Life Orgone Giza Pyramid

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The Seed of Life Giza Pyramid 

Large 2.75” H x  4.5” W
Medium 2.25” H x 3.5” W

If seeing is believing then feeling is knowing. For us just looking at this beauty invokes the mystery and royal history of Ancient Khemit/Egypt. Once you get her into your home, a sense of calmness and serenity takes you over. Most of our customers report back that after placing by their bedside, they experience a deeper more restful sleep. Place it by your computer, laptop, or WiFi router to help ground and harmonize chaotic electromagnetic waves by converting them into smooth flowing sine waves as nature intended. 

To achieve this we utilize :

Bio Geometry - The Seed of Life pyramid is the exact dimensions of  the Cheops pyramid in Giza down to scale. You’ll notice slight indentations, making this an 8-sided pyramid Helping to neutralize any “negative green” DOR (chaotic/energy). 

Silver Infused Shungite Oraphim's special formula has shungite powder from Zazhoginskoje, Karelia (certificated) infused with 99.9% liquified silver, this special process assists the natural frequency attenuating (reversing) properties of shungite, taking the square waves that are emitted from mobile phones/modern technology & wifi and reversing them, resulting in transforming them into naturally occuring sine waves, which are now spinning in harmony with your bodies frequency sine wave.

50/50 Metal/Resin/Mineral Blend - we use piezoelectric minerals blended into thousands of layers of atomized metal particles suspended in a matrix of carbon based resin. This combination creates a scalar wave field via the casimir effect, that helps to brings coherency and balance to other wise chaotic energetically draining environments, whether the source be electrical, chemical, or biological.



5 quartz points wrapped in copper

 24 karat gold flakes at the capstone

 Silver Infused Shungite

 Nano Elite Shungite powder

 Black Iron Oxide

 Black Tourmaline


 Blue Calcite

 Selenite + Kyanite (cleansing mix)

 99.9% Pure Quartz powder


 Copper atomized powder

 Atomized powdered Aluminum

 ECO Friendly Resin


 432 HZ



Orgonite/Orgone devices can be considered as harmonic resonators.  They help to neutralize and balance chaotic energy that is out of harmony or static, by bringing it back into resonance with biological life energy. To achieve this feet we utilize the harmonizing principles of Biogeometry, negative ions from semi-precious minerals, chromotherapy, and the science of Orgonomy founded by Wilhelm Reich and expanded on by others..


The Pyramid structure is most energetically effective when it is aligned with true north. To align your pyramid to true north simply acquire a compass and place your pyramid either by a modem, workplace, bedside or where ever you spend most of your time at. Align the pyramid so that any one of the faces is parallel and aligned with the north to south line with the arrow pointing North.

*Hint : You can use a pencil to trace an outline of the pyramid so you can easily place it back in the correct position when cleaning your home/space.



We utilize a process of combining thousands of layers of atomized metal particles with a full spectrum crystal mineral blend that is then suspended and compressed in a matrix of carbon based organic resin. Neodymium magnets are added to the corners for and extra boost of electron flow. This combination along with the biogeometric components of the pyramids shape, creates a scalar wave field via the casimir effect, Geometry, piezoelectricity and magnetism  that helps to brings coherency and balance to otherwise chaotic, energetically draining environments, whether the source be electrical, chemical, or biological.

Great for the home, office, meditation room, by your bedside,  studio or any place that can use a little harmony. 


All of our orgonite is handmade with love right in the heart of Brooklyn, NY. At Nu Atlantis every aspect of the creation process is taking into account. It all starts with the intention since our thoughts and feelings leave an imprint on matter. We first begin by energetically clearing ourselves and the space that we work in and then only use high quality minerals, selected for their piezoelectric and energetic properties. Each gemstone is thoroughly cleansed and charged before the resin is poured. During the curing faze solfeggio frequencies are played to further help align the energy on a molecular level. Once fully cured each piece is meticulously sanded and polished by hand for a luxurious clarity and shine. So  not only are you able to increase the coherence of energy within your space, but you also get a beautiful piece of artwork for you and your guest to enjoy and appreciate. 


*Please note this is an example of what you will receive as all products are unique and handmade to order. We take meticulous care with  the intention that the final product you receive exceeds all of your highest expectations. Since these are made by hand please allow four weeks + for delivery. Thank you!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Please consult with a licensed healthcare professional if this is right for you.