Seed Of Life Orgone Giza Pyramid
Seed Of Life Orgone Giza Pyramid
Seed Of Life Orgone Giza Pyramid
Seed Of Life Orgone Giza Pyramid
Seed Of Life Orgone Giza Pyramid
Seed Of Life Orgone Giza Pyramid

Seed Of Life Orgone Giza Pyramid

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The Seed of Life Giza Pyramid 

If seeing is believing then feeling is knowing. For us just looking at this beauty invokes the mystery and royal history of Ancient Khemit/Egypt. Once you get her into your home, a sense of calmness and serenity takes you over. Most of our customers report back that after placing by their bedside, they experience a deeper more restful sleep. Place it by your computer, laptop, or WiFi router to help ground and harmonize chaotic electromagnetic waves by converting them into smooth flowing sine waves as nature intended. 

To achieve this we utilize :

Bio Geometry - The Seed of Life pyramid is the exact dimensions of  the Cheops pyramid in Giza down to scale. You’ll notice slight indentations, making this an 8-sided pyramid Helping to neutralize any “negative green” DOR (chaotic/energy). 

Silver Infused Shungite Oraphim's special formula has shungite powder from Zazhoginskoje, Karelia (certificated) infused with 99.9% liquified silver, this special process assists the natural frequency attenuating (reversing) properties of shungite, taking the square waves that are emitted from mobile phones/modern technology & wifi and reversing them, resulting in transforming them into naturally occuring sine waves, which are now spinning in harmony with your bodies frequency sine wave.

50/50 Metal/Resin/Mineral Blend - we use piezoelectric minerals blended into thousands of layers of atomized metal particles suspended in a matrix of carbon based resin. This combination creates a scalar wave field via the casimir effect, that helps to brings coherency and balance to other wise chaotic energetically draining environments, whether the source be electrical, chemical, or biological.



5 quartz points wrapped in copper


24 karat gold flakes at the capstone


Silver Infused Shungite


Nano Elite Shungite powder


Black Iron Oxide


Black Tourmaline




Blue Calcite


Selenite + Kyanite (cleansing mix)


99.9% Pure Quartz powder


Black Obsidian




Copper atomized powder


Atomized powdered Aluminum


ECO Friendly Resin




432 HZ


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