orgonite pendant with black tourmaline and shungite for emf protection
Black Sun Orgone Pendant
orgonite pendant on a copper chain

Black Sun Orgone Pendant

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  • EMF Protection 
  • Pure Copper and Zinc 
  • 100% Authentic Elite Shungite 
  • Quartz & Grounding Minerals
  • Hand Crafted 
Our Starseed Orgonite pendants are made from our propriety blend of Diamagnetic metal powders with Paramagnetic minerals like Volcanic Ash and Magnetite. These are two forces of nature that generate massive amounts of chi, life force, orgone, etc...We then add supper conductors like Silver-Infused Shungite and 99% pure quartz powder to the mix and of course, we can't forget to take advantage of the FIR or Far Infrared frequency output of Black Tourmaline. Each piece is hand wrapped in pure copper with love and attention to every detail.

*Please note this is an example of what you will receive as all products are unique and handmade to order. We take meticulous care with the intention that the final product you receive exceeds all of your highest expectations. Since these are made by hand please allow four weeks + for delivery. Thank you!

***This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. ...