PEMF Nubian HEART CHAKRA Orgone Pyramid
Powered Nubian style orgonite pyramid with malachite for EMF protection
PEMF Nubian HEART CHAKRA Orgone Pyramid
PEMF Nubian HEART CHAKRA Orgone Pyramid
PEMF Nubian HEART CHAKRA Orgone Pyramid

PEMF Nubian HEART CHAKRA Orgone Pyramid

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Size: Size : 5” H x 3” W

The Anahata Orgonite Pyramid "Nubian Edition" carries the same properties as our "Giza Edition". The only difference is that the Nubian has a bit more of focused laserlike energy for projecting/manifesting while the "Giza" is great for a more rounded smooth energy that helps to aid in relaxation and protection. Both incorporate a synergy of color, mineral, and frequency all of which are specifically selected for being in resonance with the Anahata/heart chakra.

The centerpiece features a double terminated clear quartz point over a gorgeous Malachite inlay. The quartz crystal is wrapped in a Mobius magnetic coil which is then connected to a Hulda Clark 15hz zapper or you can plug it directly into your smartphone to use with any frequency generator app.

The zapper produces a microcurrent of 15 Hz positive charge square wave which not only weakens pathogens, viruses, and harmful bacteria but also energizes your white blood cells to fend off any invaders.






✅Superconducting Nano Silver INFUSED SHUNGITE 🌑🌑🌑

✅Diamagnetic Black Iron OXIDE


✅dielectric ECO RESIN

✅Seed Of LIFE


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