The Science of Orgone

 Known by many different names throughout history, the term “orgone” was coined by psychoanalysis Dr . Wilhelm Reich, used to describe vital life force energy.

 ORGONITE refers to material made from resin, metal, and piezoelectric minerals that harnesses and amplifies orgone energy. 

 How does ORGONITE help with EMF radiation?

 When stimulated, Orgone carries a negative charge that is rich in electrons in the form of Negative Ions, the building blocks of life. While manmade electronics produce a positive charge that is full of  protons (positive ions), which are responsible for breaking down matter into entropy or decay.

 When there is an excess of positive charge, as we see from electronic sources and living in buildings not made from natural materials, the air and our bodies become electrically imbalanced. This produces free radicals that wreak havoc on our health causing anxiety, raised cortisol levels, and inflammation, the mother all dis-ease.


By introducing negative ions we can combat the harmful effects of positive ions, bringing electrical balance and producing tremendous benefits to our lifestyle and overall health.

But wait there’s more.

Not only does Orgone create high amounts of negative ions, when orgonite is fashioned in specific shapes such as pyramids, domes and sacred geometry, an interference wave patten is created that cancels out the electronic waves in the same way noise-cancelling headphones cancel out sound waves. 

Orgone devices are an amazing simple technology that you can either make at home or purchase from trusted sellers that are well versed in how and why orgonite works. Truly the wave of the future  that you can access today in the here and now. 

So what are you waiting for?